One of the most stressful times you can face as a business owner or manager is during the process of relocation. There are so many pitfalls to avoid; damage to stock, misplacing orders, increased labor hours sorting out the chaos left by inexperienced movers to name just a few. That is why it is so important to hire an experienced moving company with a proven track record of efficiency, expertise and customer satisfaction. When choosing from moving companies in Houston Texas it is crucial to look for a company that displays the key characteristics of a quality commercial moving service.

First Impressions are Important

When you make first contact with a prospective commercial moving company take note of the way that the moving company responds to your inquiries. A professional, experienced moving company will provide high quality customer service from the beginning of their interactions with clients. Does the company seem reliable, helpful and friendly, and are you going to be able to trust them with your livelihood?


There is a wealth of information about services online provided directly by customers. It can often be helpful to look at what sort of reviews and comments the moving company you are considering has received. Whilst a negative review should not necessarily be a deal-breaker, the way the company responds to criticism can be indicative of how they operate as a business. Do they follow up on criticisms and attempt to resolve or address customer concerns? it is vital when hiring a commercial moving company that you look for one that has a history of commitment to customer service and responds to the concerns in a helpful and professional manner.

Are You Covered?

It cannot be stressed enough that a commercial moving company should have you covered if something goes wrong. Risking your business by hiring an under-insured moving company in Houston can leave you severely out of pocket and losing business by disappointing clients. Make sure you know the terms of the insurance offered; the cost of insurance, what is covered, to what value, and under what circumstances.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Will the moving company be able to work around your time constraints and business needs? If you are looking for a commercial moving service, Houston has several operating in the area, but not all of them are able to work around your schedule and ensure that your move happens as quickly as possible, paying attention to what items need to be moved at fixed stages of the relocation process. Hiring a company that does not pay attention to these details and requirements of your business can result in unnecessary hold ups in production or day to day operation, costing you money.

Considering these factors when hiring a commercial moving service will not only give your business the best possible chance of a smooth transition during the relocation process, but it will also give you the peace of mind to focus on your business whilst leaving the logistics of relocation in the capable hands of seasoned professionals.