Moving from one locale to another is very inevitable. This is due to the need to change jobs and take up new positions, respond to government policy, the search for greener pasture, and the need for adventure/exploration.

In the proceeding discussions, some of the common problems that are associated with moving, as well as the various intervention mechanisms that may be used to mitigate them are going to be highlighted and discussed.


Some of the two common problems that are associated with moving are:


Even though moving from one location to another is ordinarily very exciting, it may also be stressful especially if it is not planned and executed properly. As a matter of fact, to some people, the mere thought of having to relocate to an alternative residence in and of itself, invokes fear.

Psychological Pressure

Adapting to a new home may also exert psychological pressure on some people. This stems from the fact that long time friendships may often have to be severed and new ones created, akin to dating all over again after ending a long term date.


Some of the factors to consider while on the lookout for a suitable moving company are:

Advanced Planning

Even before embarking on the task of finding a suitable moving company, it is necessary that the entire relocation exercise is planned at least one month in advance for the sake of psychological preparation and to also reduce any problems that may arise in the process of moving.

Determine the Roles you will play in the Moving Process

The roles played by clients in the moving process vary greatly. Some choose to delegate the entire process to the moving company, whereas others opt to shoulder a portion of the responsibility. In general, most choose to pack and unpack the belongings and let the moving companies load, drive and unload at the new destination.

Conduct a Thorough Search

This is perhaps the most important step. It basically entails the process of identifying some of the common moving companies that may be hired and then settling on one.

Should the relocation be to a local destination, then a company, especially one that has local branches ought to be preferred.

However, should the relocation be to a foreign destination, then the search has to be extra thorough. The ideal company has to be certified by the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA). It is recommended also that only essential items be carried in this case.

In either case, an internet search, a lookup in the local directory, corporate website, or the nearby branches may suffice. Also, reviews and testimonials from by past clients may also provide a rough clue as to how much degree of satisfaction may be anticipated in the process.

Stay Actively Involved in the Entire Process

It is necessary to be directly involved in the moving process to among others, check the belongings when they are being tagged, receive and keep copies of invoices, and insure the belongings against various risks.

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Read the Contract Agreement Thoroughly before signing it

Contract agreements regarding the movement of belongings are often too intricate and incomprehensible by the layman. It is, therefore, necessary to read them thoroughly before appending a signature.

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Even though there are several measures that may be employed to guarantee a successful move, the best way forward in having a successful move is to engage the services of qualified, reputable, experienced and professional movers as is clear from the foregoing discussions.